Story of The Vera Dress

Posted by Lindsey Sasse on

Hello friends! I wanted to give a little more to the story behind the Vera dress. When Ira Loves Mae previously designed it we bought every single one they came out with! It is the most perfect, basic, and versatile dress. I heard they were closing their doors so I reached out and asked if I could carry on with this beautiful design! Long story short, it worked out and here we are...releasing our very own version of the dress. There are several ways you can style the Vera dress, making it the perfect addition to a minimal or capsule wardrobe. We love to pair the boxy top with high waisted skirts or shorts in the Summer. Although simply adorable by itself, a blouse with a pretty collar looks lovely under the tank dress. We recently wore a knitted sweater over the dress (it is still cold here in the PNW), but you could also wear it under too! You can mix and match the top and bottom with many pieces already in your little one's closet. I chose 100% lightweight linen for this Vera dress as it is sustainable, easy to clean, breathable, and the natural wrinkles give it a raw look. For the top I went with a darker rusty pink/brown and to add just a slight contrast, I chose a shade lighter for the dress underneath. I went back and forth on keeping the pockets but after some thought they stayed. My daughter loves having little pockets to put treasures in so I hope your little one(s) do as well :) I am looking forward to bringing in new colors so you can mix and match all the pieces! Thank you for your support, I couldn't do this without all of my amazing customers!

Lindsey @Luralu